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Windows, weather and winning!

Well it’s been an interesting few days at Chez Carl-Nick’s. It all started on Sunday with a humdinger of a sore throat, bought on by my “singing” at the football on Saturday (See last blog post) I spent the day croaking around and generally being a bloke about it. (as you do)

On Monday the window fitters arrived. As some of you may or may not know, since day one I have been campaigning for new windows at home as well as a porch as in my opinion they make a massive difference to the overall look of a house. Well phase one worked as the windows are now in. and very nice they look too!

Here’s a before and after (Excuse the iPhone pictures)













A slight improvement I think you’ll agree! Next stop is operation porch…. Watch this space for developments on that front!

So.. What’s this weather all about? Hottest September since 1884? Forecast for Saturday in the south-east is 92 degrees! That’s ridiculous. I have been truly confused by the heat as has Frankie poor thing. She’s broken out in heat rash again. The long-range forecast see’s it cooling off from next week onward. Personally I don’t mind it being warm and dry whilst I’m on the bike!

So onto winning. The knowledge is back in full force again.  Yesterday I completed 200 runs. This means I have 120 to go until I start the knowledge “proper” i.e learning the points of interest and their locations.. Roll on January as that’s my target for completing  the runs. That will then give me just over a year to revise enough for my first appearance. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and just because I can, here’s Frankie cooling off yesterday


The dichotomy of being

Evening all.

Been pondering a few things over the last day or so. Namely how I’m such a diverse (Complicated?) personality.. This all started when I went to the football yesterday. Sean me, and some friends of his went up to Wigan to watch Tottenham Vs Wigan. During the match I screamed and shouted and generally abused the population of wigan along with 3,000 other travelling supporters As I have always done). In my minds eye this is all light hearted fun and definitely not meant in a threatening manner. In fact I spend most of the time in tears of laughter at the terrace humour. Now, during one such rendition of a particularly rousing Tottenham anthem, I caught site of a female steward looking at me in absolute disgust. I’d like to add the song we were singing was “Oh when the Spurs go marching in” This: not exactly the most hateful of songs! anyway, I realised I was dressed in jeans and a t- shirt with my cropped hair and tattoo’s this steward obviously thought I was a complete hooligan. This got me thinking about people’s perceptions of me. Am I seen in the light of thuggish tattooed moron? or the family man who cries over his baby whilst ironing his shirts, writes poetry and is there for his friends? Does the fact I can bake a cake whilst knowing with no uncertainty I would protect those nearest and dearest to me  from harm with extreme prejudice? Or the man who wants to be a Reiki master? Am I the only person like this? am I a schizophrenic?? Or am I just a bit more rounded? Obviously, this is something that I haven’t been dwelling on too much in the past, but it’s an intriguing thought though.

Anyway, onto the knowledge. I have had a very successful re-entry back into my runs (even venturing out in the rain last week!!) and am now once again progressing nicely. I’m a tad off course for my predicted December finish of the runs, but hey, it’s not a sprint…

A small Frankie update. She’s doing well and getting bigger which is all I can ask for. Here’s a couple of pictures: And people may wonder why I’m smiling a lot lately!

Oh, and Mark, if you’re reading this we haven’t forgotten the draft and promise it will be back with you before the end of the week!





















Wow! Nearly a month without a blog….

…. It’s been a while. Due to various commitments and illness the blog has been somewhat neglected. As has the Knowledge and anything remotely connected to it. Who said children take up your time then?

This is what’s been happening with me in the last feww weeks.

After the meal with Sean (Vietnamese and lovely) I got home feeling decidely under the weather. I subsequently spent the next week in and out of bed with flu like symptoms and some odd pains under my ribs. After a trip to the docs an inflamed gallbladder was diagnosed. So antibiotics and an aultrascan discovered 3 small gallstones with the swelling down on the gallbladder. As an aside, it was also discovered I have  a fatty liver… Who’d have thunk it? an overweight liver! Justwaiting for my docs to advise me as to the next course of action re that.

After the week off we spent a week in Cornwall courtesy of Rosa, Carla’s sister. We had a week in a lovely caravan near Newquay and spent the week exploring the Cornish coastline. Unfortunately the weatehr was pants and it rained every day bar one afternoon where the sun came out just as we arrived at the Minack Theatre what a stunning place. And the views were amazing.









After an exhaustive week we came back to my work absolutely heaving. I have had to do (gulp) two full day last week! I also came back to discover my bike had been hit at work by person(s) unknown and £200 of damage was inflicted upon it.. So no bike meant no runs meant no knowledge again. Anyway enough of this tale of woe, I hope to be back out on the bike again tomorrow. Watch this space!

Frankie update: She’s growing nicely and is now around the 11Lb mark! Yay!

Lunch,rain and more rain..

Been a bit busy lately, so apologies for my tardy blogging.

Firstly, Frankie went to her physiotherapy on Monday and passed with flying colours (She even managed a little flirt with the physio. Eylashes were batted and giggles and laughs abounded!) the physio will still keep tabs on her and as such, we have been advised to go back in a months time for a progress check. Fingers crossed, she’ll also pass this and be discharged.

So far this week rain has definitely stopped play. No run’s or pretty much anything knowledge related due to the weather and looking after Ruby. I hope to rectify this ASAP, but as of this moment the rain continues.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some of the bpard at TWC and two of my clients. We went to Simpson’s in the Strand. A lovely old school English restaurant famous for it’s carvery (Where they bring the roas to your table and carve it for you) I had the renowned roast beef with all the trimmings and we managed to polish off 4 bottles of wine! all in all a succesful day was had by us and the client.

This weekend see’s me back in London for dinner with Sean (A treat from him-dinner at a vietnamese restaurant) Carla’s Mum will be doing baby sitting duties…

And on Monday it’s our 2nd anniversary. where has the time gone??

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend!


No runs but still a cabby!

Had a busy busy weekend. It started on Saturday morning with an invite to Kelly and Simon’s son’s first birthday party. Unfortunately Darren Kelly’s brother was ill so Carla and I picked up her parents and delivered them to the party. Spent an enjoyable if hectic day in the rain and sun (British weather vagaries) until I managed to let Jenson’s birthday balloon go… His FIRST birthday balloon I may add…. I was then forced to take a picture to remind me of the heinous crime I had commited as several children looked up in awe and horr at what I’d done!









If you look closely you can just make out the black spec in the distance.. That’s his balloon..

After dropping Kelly’s parents off we finally got home with a tired and worn out Frankie.

On Sunday it was over to Carla’s Mum and Dad’s for lunch as it was Carla’s Dad’s birthday last thursday. Frankie had a spruce up before we left and I couldn’t help but laugh at her afro:









Looks like she’s going to have curly hair!

On Sunday evening we then went and picked up Ruby for her second stint staying with us (She’s back home tomorrow evening) so my runs are on hold until Wednesday afternoon. But all in all an enjoyable weekend. I hope you all had a good one too.

And we’re off!

Well the weekend saw some mails and texts exchanged between Mark and me re The Camino, and as a result the flights are booked (My flight to London as yet unconfirmed, will be booking this in the near future) I leave London on June 20th and fly to Oviedo were Mark and I will commence The Camino. Oviedo to Santiago De Compestella. I can’t wait! More updates as I start to trawl through the permutations of this walk to come!

The weekend just gone has been a busy one (For a change!) we spent Saturday lunch at friends near Gatwick and then moved onto Rye in Kent to stay at Kelly and Simon’s caravan for the evening. After watching a couple of films we settled down with Frankie in her new travel cot, and had a nice restful night’s sleep. (Well I did, Carla did the two feeds…!) in the morning, Frankie and I had a little cuddle before breakfast









We then went to Kelly’s brothers pub for a bit of Sunday lunch and Frankie was once again in good form enjoying herself in the pub!









We left the pub around 4 and finally arrived home around 7 last night. Tired and ready for bed!

On to matters knowledge. After a busy week of distractions, today see’s me back on the bike and back on track to get this book finished by Christmas. Note to self. Procrastination may be nice but it gives you headaches!!

Riots, runs and red Panda’s!

Well it’s been (another) hectic few days. We currently have a house guest-Ruby, Kelly’s daughter. She’s staying with us for a week of the school holidays as Kelly and Simon are having to work, so Carla volunteered to look after her this week.  And what a pleasure she is to look after. 7 going on 37 and as funny and intelligent as you like. Yesterday we went to Colchester zoo as a treat (Hence the red panda’s in the title) and had a great day out. Pictures to follow.

But before that Frankie had a couple of milestones. Her weight has gone up despite having an inconsistent week of feeding. She’s now 8lb 15 which if she follows that trend will up her to the 50th percentile (basically, she’ll weigh the same as 50% of babies or average  if you like) her length and head measurements are already there so she’s basically tall and skinny! She also had her first set of jabs yesterday. Which was by far less painful for her as it was for me (Holding her) and Carla (Crying her eyes out!) once it was done she was fine and spent the day at the zoo with us, mostly asleep. She has been referred to a pediatrician for her fist making as they want to keep an eye on her. Needless to say I’m in bits and Carla is telling me I’m being a wuss. Ah well the joys of parenthood!

Onto the knowledge. As it’s been so hectic I have only completed two runs this week and no call overs…. That needs to be rectified, but at the moment other things have taken precedent. I hope to complete 2-3 today, but one of them takes me very close to one of the areas were rioting has been taking place and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to get down some of the roads.

Onto the riots. To say I’m sickened by them is an understatement. All this rubbish about political gestures and demonstrations following the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham is a load of tosh. It’s an excuse to steal as much as they can whilst the police stand back for fear of being labelled as thugs and being heavy-handed. The government fail to see or are reluctant to face this as the crux of the matter. Take away the police’ power and you have anarchy. It’s not difficult to work out is it? Watch any footage of any riot on the continent or further afield and not one policeman is standing back. Attack the police? expect to be attacked back. One of the kids on the news last night claimed he couldn’t eat so therefore he was rioting… This while organising his riotous pals on his Blackberry and wearing £100 trainers.. Makes me wonder what Frankie will see in years to come and to be honest it scares me.

Hopefully my next blog will end on a happier note!